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Sato's Stash

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Sato's Stash
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Sato's Stash - Sales Blog

Sato's Stash

Posted here will be Misc. Items -
Jrock, VK, Anime, Manga, Dolls, Accessories, Etc.

That Sato is currently in need of getting rid of. All items are extra or unwanted items that are in need of new homes. Everything is either new or used, bought 2nd hand but in great/good conditions. Prices are based off item rarity, items condition, & retail price. Items come from a smoke free home with pets & dust.


Shipped from the USA
Prices are in USD
Prices Don’t Include Shipping & PP Fees
Cheaper to ship inside the USA but will ship anywhere
Only Accept Paypal payments
Payment has to be made in USD
Items will be shipped within a week
I am not responsible for lost packages!


Contact Sato if you are interested in the items being sold. Sato will answer any questions or concerns regarding the item, providing additional photos upon request. Please only email if you are truly interested in purchasing the items for sale. Items will be shipped according to buyers preference, bubble mailer or box - depending on what is available at the time of sale.

REMINDER - that if you are buying from outside the USA the shipping will cost more, prices rise no way around it.


Please contact Sato by email @ chaotic.nite@yahoo.com
Replies will be given in a timely manner =3